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Empty Words Fill Lonely Spaces (2010) CD. 10 songs, 48 minutes. (on sale): $5

  1. No time to say goodbye
  2. Among the ruins
  3. Paper ships [mp3]
  4. Nothing ever lasts [mp3]
  5. Bridge of sighs
  6. Drown out
  7. Stand fast
  8. Bled
  9. Final call
  10. Closing credits

Now available digitally, through Amazon, emusic, iTunes, CD Baby and at bandcamp. You also have the option of ordering the physical CD at bandcamp and getting an immediate download of the album. Order the CD and we'll include a bunch of cool extras (stickers, buttons, a nice note, maybe even wrapped in newspaper like the new Radiohead)


In the Soft Focus Light of I Love You Remixes (2010) CD. 7 songs, 37 minutes limited edition

  1. Paper Ships (Jupe Jupe)
  2. Closing Credits (Chadwick) [mp3]
  3. Among the Ruins (Doll Factory) [mp3]
  4. Stand Fast (Blicky)
  5. Paper Ships (Chris Prescott)
  6. No Time (Emergency Hand Puppet).
  7. Ruined (Tension Studios)

CD is sold out
Now available digitally at bandcamp


Please contact us directly for ordering shirts.


C'est la Mort Broken Heart Men's S, M, L, XL, women's M, L. $15

Limited quantities in white, too. Perfect for poolside or the Italian Lakes District.


CLMbrella Men's M, or XL, womens M. $12 We're running out of these, so get them while you can!


Angel (Silver on black) Men's L, XL. extremely limited quantities. $10


Broken Hearts and Umbrella shirts are on high quality American Apparel shirts.

We like going to the post office. All shirts come with buttons, etc.


Trinkets and baubles

We have buttons and stickers, included free with any CD or t-shirt order. Or a set of three buttons and a sticker is $2 postpaid in the US / $3.50 worldwide.

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