Kim: bass, vocals | Greg: guitar | Geoff: guitar | Garrett: drums

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C'est la Mort was founded in


, when all the members discovered a shared love of


. Recognizing a certain

in the Seattle music scene, they quickly set about

and working on

. Only after months in the rehearsal space, did they feel that they had the stuff to

. Initially, audiences were more


, but after

, C'est la Mort were well on the road to




struck when

and the band were forced to

. Luckily, they had contacts within the local music community and were able to


. Now, the band spends the majority of their time


, while drawing comparisons to



The above (interactive) biography can be put into more than a couple contexts (please choose one):

1. in a post-Foucault world, it only makes sense to have authorship dissolved into the reader's actual response to the text;

2. band bios are silly and painful to write and we are supressing/sublimating the anxieties and issues we have about the band by turning it into some sort of a joke;

3. we still are having trouble figuring out forms and java script, so the mad-lib bio idea didn't quite work right. Welcome to Web 2.0 without the annoying apps and privacy issues.